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Our aim is for our site to be a Library of the Early Church Fathers. We currently have Early Church Fathers Quotes by Topic, which can be used to see what the Early Church taught and believed. This can help Modern Christians see how far we have at times strayed away from early apostolic teaching. We also have the complete Early Church Fathers Writings.  We are adding writings from others throughout Christian history that have maintained or sought Early Christian teachings. These are listed under the Christian Library. Finally, we have Our Blog which contains post from us on Modern False Doctrines, Atheist Myths, and Modern Heresies compared to the Early Church.

As for what we believe, we are Anglican Christians. We are Arminian, Amillennial, a bit Christian Anarchist when it comes to Politics, Pro-Life Christians. We hold to following the teachings of the Early Church, including the Councils. We do not seek to sway anyone into any specific denomination, but to simply help people understand heresies and how they repeat throughout history and to help others find the truth.

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