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The American Dream and Pride

As the 4th of July celebrations come to an end, I find myself still sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out why American Christians devote so much effort towards celebrating this  (as well as others) national holiday. I bet your Facebook feeds were full of “God Bless America” or something along the lines of America being “God’s chosen country” or I know all of you saw, or thought, something about our freedoms. I bet many got together for giant celebrations. Being that the 4th fell on a Sunday this year, I would even be willing to bet some of your churches had a Sunday service specifically for America. 

Don’t you ever stop and think about why you’re doing what you’re doing? Why are we spending so much time, effort, and money to celebrate a physical, earthly nation? Why is it so important to us to celebrate the independence of the United States? What’s so special about this nation that we deem it “God’s Chosen,” which in turn instantly labels every other country as “God’s Denied” making them subordinate and inferior? How do we have more freedoms than a large portion of other countries around the globe?

I’m sure a large portion of you will instantly say that this country was founded on Christian values and principles, “But the founding fathers were Christian and they built this nation upon the rock of Christianity.” Well, to that I would say, “You mean they sailed over here, forcefully took the land from the Native Americans, and then fought over it to establish a new nation separate from England? Oh, and not to mention took Africans as slaves and denied women any rights until the 1960s.” And the whole reason they came over here was that they were considered heretical from the Church and they wanted to establish their own belief system.


With pride month just ending, as well as the 4th of July, I can’t help but constantly think about the issue of “pride” and how rampant it runs through this nation. Of course, everything around me has tried to force “pride” down my throat over the past month, so thinking about it wasn’t very difficult. Every other commercial on TV, ads on the internet, people I know, etc., have all gone on about pride and how we should accept who (or what) we are with open arms. Not to mention the 4th of July commercials and the independence of our nation and how great it is. Basically, everywhere you turn, there is someone shouting about pride in some form or other. 

Our society has become a society of self-entitlement. Everyone believes that they deserve to be treated better than they are and better than others. We live in a “me-first” culture where everyone and everything, beyond one’s self, is pushed aside or trampled on.

Sadly, it’s not just the LGBTQ groups that have this idea. As I mentioned above, Americans, in general, have a huge sense of pride for themselves and for their country, many of which claim to be Christian. And this isn’t your typical pride as in, “I’m proud of my son for doing well on his math test.” This is an overwhelming sense of higher standing than other people and cultures.




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